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Who We Are

Anyone who has driven through Concord, NC, has probably seen our building and our 25 flags out front, and probably asked themselves, “Who is ACN anyway?”

ACN – A New Kind of Company

  • We’re fueled by an entrepreneurial spirit…
  • Determined to break the rules of Corporate America…
  • While fostering a feeling of family…

All while changing the way people feel about going to work once and for all.

A Solid Foundation for Your Success

Founded in 1993, ACN was the vision of four entrepreneurs. These Co-Founders had years of experience between them, but were dissatisfied with other companies and job opportunities they had encountered. They realized that the only way to find a company they wanted to be a part of was to create that company.

ACN provides essential services such as phone service, wireless, Internet, natural gas and electricity, security and automation, television, and more through the direct selling business model. This means that rather than spending money on traditional marketing and advertising, we go direct to customers through our Independent Business Owners. This results in a great value on essential services for consumers and an opportunity for individuals to build their very own home-based businesses – all supported by our more than 1,100 employees worldwide. And today, over two decades later, ACN is the world’s largest direct seller of telecommunications, energy and essential services, with operations across North America, Europe, the Pacific and Asia.

In addition to our World Headquarters in Concord, NC, we have regional offices in Canada, Australia, the Netherlands, Poland, Mexico, Korea and Japan.

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Pursue Your Passions While Making a Difference

Pursue Your Passions While Making a Difference

Do you want to go to work and feel like you are really making a difference? When you work at ACN, that’s exactly what you are doing. ACN gives average people an opportunity to build their very own home-based businesses. And none of that would be possible without our ACN employees supporting these individuals from the corporate office. Whether you’re in Customer Care, Accounting, Product Development, Human Resources, Facilities, Marketing or every other department in between, everything we all do at ACN every day is designed to help people make a better life for themselves and their families. We have single moms who are able to support their families, college students who are paying off student loans, professionals who are looking for a plan B – and everything else in between. Our employees are pursuing their personal passions while truly helping change lives. How many places can say that?